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SSL India provides Globally Recognised SSL Certificates from Top Authorities and helps visitors and potential customers trust your website. Do you know that 83% of consumers online want more assurance that their information is secure while they fill an simple contact or lead generation form or a detailed order form? While 86% of online shoppers feel more confident about entering personal information on sites using security indicators. Pad Lock, Site Seal and Green Address Bar are reliable ways to verify site identity and security, giving visitors more confidence to conduct business on your site.

What Is An SSL Certificate? Best SSL Certificates Provider in India.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security method used for the protection of any sensitive data on a website. As opposed to the data being sent over a server as plain text, this SSL makes use of a private and public key to encrypt the said data keeping the data hidden from hackers. An SSL certificate is a public digital document verifying that the legitimate, appropriate company owns the website being accessed. It makes sure that visitors are accessing the right the site they intend to visit by verifying appropriate ownership. An SSL certificate proves to visitors that you have the data encryption established. SSL Bharat is the believable SSL Certificates Provider in India for secure websites.

Comodo SSL Certificates

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Thawte SSL Certificates

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GeoTrust SSL Certificates

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Symantec SSL Certificates

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Types of SSL Certificates

DV (Domain Validation) Certificates

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

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RapidSSL Certificate

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Thawte SSL123 Certificates

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GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate

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OV (Organisation Validation) Certificates

Comodo InstantSSL Certificate

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Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates (OV)

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GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate

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Symantec™ Secure Site

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EV (Extended Validation) Certificates

Comodo PositiveSSL EV

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Thawte SSLWebserver EV

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GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Certificate

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Symantec™ Secure Site with EV

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Key Features

Strongest and Fastest SSL

SSL India provide SSL certificates from top authorities only which offers the strongest encryption available while gives fastest issuance.

Cost Saving Features

SSL India’s partnership with world’s top certificate authorities guarantees you cost saving all the time you purchase or renew SSL certificate.

Best in Class Support

SSL India have expert team to answer your pre-sales and post-sales questions and queries. We also offer SSL certificate installation support as opt-in service.

Where to Use an SSL Certificate? Buy SSLCertificate in Delhi,India

An SSL certificate can be used anywhere you want to transmit data securely. For example securing data received and sent via mobile devices or between servers. Secure your site today with affordable SSL certificate provider in India.

Types of SSL Certificates

  • 1. A Self-signed SSL certificate is one not issued by a certificate authority(CA) and produced for internal purposes. Since the owner of the site will generate their own SSL certificate it fails to hold the same weight as a fully CA-verified and authenticated certificate.
  • 2. A Domain Validated SSL certificate is deemed an entry-level certificate and it can be issued much faster. There is one verification check is conducted to confirm that the applicant is the owner of the site address where they want to make use of the SSL certificate. There is no other check to confirm that the domain owner is a legitimate business entity.
  • 3. A Fully authenticated or Extended Validity (EV) certificate takes longer to issue and is only granted when the organization passes several validation checks and procedures to confirm the business’ existence, domain ownership, and the user’s authority in applying for the certificate.

What SSL Does For Website? Why Buy SSL Certificate?

When you have an SSL certificate, you are better equipped to protect your customers’ private data and it improves the reputation of your website in Google’s ranking. If your website is hacked and you do not have it, you could be held responsible for not protecting sensitive data. An SSL certificate earns your visitors trust for your website and they will be more comfortable making purchases on the website. Get a trustable ssl certificate provider in Inida for secure your visitor & websites.

Are All SSL Certificates The Same? Find top SSL Certificate in India.

All SSL certificates are different from each other seeing as each has its own authentication process and protection ability. An EV certificate is the best and most reliable certificate as it offers optimum security for e-Commerce businesses. Call us to know more about top SSL certificate in India.

How SSL Certificates Work& Where Get Cheap Ssl Certificate in India

Each SSL certificate issued for a Certificate Authority verified entity is usually issued for a specific website domain or address and server. Whenever someone uses a browser to access a website URL with an SSL certificate, there is an SSL interaction between the server and the browser. Data is then requested from the server and made visible to this individual in their browser window. This means there has been a secure link established for this session complete with a unique session key. Secure communication can now take from affordable ssl certificate provider in India.

How to Know If an SSL Certificate is Valid?

– A typical website lacking SSL security starts with http before the site URL standing for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is the traditional method of transmitting data over the internet. A website secured with an SSL certificate displays https before the site URL standing for Secure HTTP.
– There will be a padlock symbol on the bottom or top of the browser
– There will be a trust mark indicated on the site itself and when you click on it, it will show the certificate details with the company information as authenticated and verified by the certificate authority
– Clicking on the trust mark or padlock symbol allows the visitor to view the authenticated organization name