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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Service India

Remote Backup Service is a way for you to store your data off-site but online so it is still accessible to you at any time. You can schedule at your ease to transfer the data from your local PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad or server to copy on our Cloud Backup facility which is accessible 24x7x365.

Better data backup schedules are necessary to one and all making use of computers with imperative information. Nearly all computers are delicate electronic devices and threats to them are in all places. As a matter of fact, it takes just hardly any accidental clicks of the mouse or worse, one out-of-the-way hardware break down; and your valuable data is gone.

No individual or company is resistant to the disaster of data failure. All data stored on personal desktop computers or laptops are in danger, whether it is your monthly sales details, accounts software data, financial information and all of your email, or your home computer with all of your digital pictures and private documents.

Using our services, you are able to have regular, on-the-fly backups to make sure your files are kept safe off-site but online to protect yourself against data loss due to damaged equipment, software upgrades, viruses, user mistakes, hackers and theft.

Main Features of Data & Files Backup Services:

  • Very Low and Affordable
  • Initiate Backups as Often as You Like
  • No Bandwidth Limit
  • Smart Rsync, (s)FTP and SSH Technology
  • Keep Data Secure on Remote Location
  • No Need to Install Any Software

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