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Refund & Re-issuance Policy

7 (Seven) Days Refund Policy on selected SSL Certificate Products which are NOT offered on discount.

To make customers completely satisfied, we offer 7 (Seven) Days Refund on cancellation of SSL Certificate order which is not enrolled by customer and/or issued by the SSL Certificate authority and/or not purchased on discount or offer price. Please note that SSL Certificate which are enrolled, issued and already installed on server are not covered in this policy and will not be refunded or cancelled. SAN (Subject Name Alternative) and UCC are also not covered in Refund Policy due to Certificate Authorities (CA) limitations.
While our prime objective is to meet customer satisfaction, however, while giving discounted products and/or services and in many cases limitations imposed by the Product and Service developers/owners, it may not be possible to issue refund. In all such cases, Enovate Technologies LLP, referred as “SSL India” a.k.a. “SSL Bharat” at its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse to cancel and/or refund any order with or without stating any reason. This applies to end user customer and reseller as well and for SSL Certificate, SSL Certificate Installation, Web Security, Cloud Backup services and other related Products and Services listed on this website or quoted on customer request.
In the event that any Product or Service was purchased for fraudulent use, the purchaser forfeits the right to a refund/exchange and the SSL Certificate, Installation Service, Web Security, Cloud Backup Product and Service will get immediately canceled/rejected/revoked.
Please note that no request will be admissible after 7 (Seven) days period irrespective of status and/or usage of Product and/or Service purchased.

Contact Details and Refund Calculation

The only channel to raise your concern or query regarding Refund, Cancellation and Reissue of SSL Certificate, SSL Installation, Website Security and Cloud Backup Product and/or Service is by Email. For fast processing and update, we request you to raise your concern from registered billing email address only. The Refund Amount will be calculated after deducting Taxes (as applicable and mentioned in Invoice), Transaction Charges incurred in Payment Processing, Setup fees, Installation fees or any other charge or fees as arised to process customer Order and/or delivering Product/Service. The refund amount after calculating deductions will be strictly credited to the same account for which Invoice was raised and/or from payment transaction was done. It may take 5-7 working days (except any holiday in India) to process the refund.

Please refer our Contact Us page for details on email addresses.